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Edge Repair & Restoration Cream with Biotin

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Discover the transformative power of our Edge Repair & Restoration Cream, enriched with the proven strength of Biotin. Designed specifically to target fragile edges, this luxurious cream revives, strengthens, and promotes optimal hair health, giving you a more refined and rejuvenated hairline.

Features & Benefits:

Biotin Boost: Harness the power of Biotin, a vital ingredient known to fortify hair, enhance elasticity, and stimulate growth, leading to thicker and healthier edges.

Targeted Restoration: Specially formulated to mend and protect delicate edges, reducing breakage and thinning.

Intense Hydration: Dive into deep moisture, ensuring that edges remain soft, supple, and resistant to daily wear and tear.

Natural Ingredients: Free from harsh chemicals, our formula incorporates nature’s finest to ensure safe, consistent results.

Versatility for All Hair Types: Effective on straight, curly, wavy, or coily hair; our cream is a universal solution for edge repair needs.

Reclaim the confidence of a full, healthy hairline. With the Edge Repair & Restoration Cream with Biotin, experience restoration that’s more than skin deep—it’s edge deep.

Directions: Cleanse and condition hair with our Hair Repair & Growth Shampoo Conditioner . Apply Edge Repair & Restoration Cream  along with small amount of Elite Edge Repair & Growth Serum to hairline, sparingly (very small amount). Gently massage in for 1-2 minutes. Do not wash area for the first week for re-anchoring. Treat edges every 3 days with Edge Repair & Growth Cream and Edge Repair & Growth Serum.


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